Dramatically Increase Your Pinterest Traffic to Your Website in 15 Minutes a Day!

Get Pinterest Traffic, Get Targeted Leads, Get Real Results

Sick of Pinning Everything and Getting Nowhere?

Are you struggling to reach more people in Pinterest? You’re pinning your blog posts and no one is reacting.

You’re starting to wonder – does anyone see my pins when they log into Pinterest?

You are probably frustrated with Pinterest and have likely faced these roadblocks:

  • Struggling to figure out how to get people to click your pins to go to your site
  • Confusion about how to create your pin descriptions to get more repins
  • Overwhelmed with the whole pinning process – you don’t know what to pin, where to pin it and how often you should be pinning

Since following Penney’s Pinterest strategy advice my page views are 4x what they were.

Jane Travis

You’re missing a piece of the Pinterest puzzle

When most of us first started using Pinterest, we pinned so much content that it felt like we were going to pin everything on the Internet.

It was the same steps we used on the other social networks – the more I pin, the more content I add to the program. And the more pins I repin, the more it increases my chances of new people finding me.

That logic makes sense if Pinterest was like the other social platforms but Pinterest doesn’t work like that. It has it’s own way of marketing your content and if you don’t understand how it works, it’s easy to feel like this:

You’re lost, confused and feel like:

  • You’re wasting time pinning your blog posts.
  • You don’t know why your pins seem to get lost in the Pinterest stream.
  • You can’t figure out how to reach more people.
  • You’re frustrated, overwhelmed and basically, you’re just pinning anything and hoping that this pin will be the one that goes viral.

Just wanted to share that your tips along with my new pinning strategy have gained me 100 new followers in the last week. So happy!

April Hammond

Why Most Pinterest Coaching Programs Don’t Work

For Pinterest to work as your top social media marketing tool, you need to understand how Pinterest works.

Unlike other Pinterest coaching programs, I’m not going to show you how to set up a business account and create content boards. I’ll teach you the strategic steps I use every week – steps that only take me 15 minutes a day! – so you can stop asking yourself, “What should I be posting to get more people to my site?” or thinking, “Even if I knew what to post, I’m not sure where to post it and how to get my pin to show up in the Pinterest stream.”

I designed The Pinterest Traffic Builder to personally help you work through the steps you need to get real results from Pinterest.

Customized Guided Program

I personally guide you through The Pinterest Traffic Builder process. We’ll work together to get your content to show up in Pinterest’s steam so that more people will find your content, pin your image and click over to your website.

Increase Leads to Grow Your Business

Learn what’s working and what needs tweaking with your Pinterest account. It takes more than just a funny profile to grow your followers. I’ll show you how to get your best blog posts and promotions get more traffic to your site and into your sales funnel.

Connect With the Right Customers

Understand how to stop fighting Pinterest’s program that decides what shows up in our Pinterest feed and learn the secrets to connect to more qualified customers. Not just the people in your Group boards but the ones who are actively searching for the products and programs that you’ve already pinned to Pinterest!

What Do You Get?

1:1 Interactive Sessions

  • Private online interactive session
  • Custom pinning strategy
  • Guided steps to learn the process

Unlimited Communication

  • 4 weeks of unlimited communication
  • 3 Live Q&A calls with Penney Fox
  • Get help when you get stuck

Community Support

  • Private Facebook group to ask questions
  • 3 Live Q&A calls to get feedback
  • Get help and share your Pinterest content

Why this program is different

The Pinterest Traffic Builder isn’t like any other Pinterest programs you’ll find. This isn’t a course where you watch a bunch of videos and download some worksheets to fill out on your own. I’m going to work alongside you to show you how to do the steps and make sure that you see real results from Pinterest.

  • We’ll review one of your Pinterest pins from your top content and I’ll show you why it’s not getting shared.
  • I’ll create your custom pinning strategy for this pin to let you know where you could be pinning your content and how often you should be pinning it to reach more people.
  • Learn how to duplicate your custom strategy to boost your other Pinterest content.

We’ll work together for four weeks to make sure that you’ve got this thing.

Between our Private 1:1 Interactive Coaching Session, the three live Q&A calls (where I’ll be sharing my screen so we’re not just talking about your account, we’re looking at it on Pinterest!) and the private Facebook community, you’ll learn more than just how to set up your account. I’ll show you how to turn your pins into site traffic, your content into customers and your clicks into sales.

More Than 80 Percent Of My Site Traffic Comes From Pinterest

I’m a pretty active on Pinterest and last year, I started to notice that my Pinterest feed looked different. And not in a different way that made my pinning experience better.

I knew that like any other social site, Pinterest was making changes. I get that and there’s nothing that makes me happier than to see Pinterest improve its program.

But then this happened: I started to see more pins from a topic that I recently researched about setting some financial goals. Right after I set up a Financial Goals board and followed a few other boards looking for content, my feed was flooded with financial tips.

A couple of days later, my Pinterest home feed was overrun with stories about people paying off their $20,000 debt in one year, how to create a home budget binder to why I should be clipping coupons when I go grocery shopping.

I admit I was interested in changing some of my spending habits to help me save more but there was no way that I requested to change my Pinterest feed into a Financial 101 eclass.

I spent over a year crafting my Pinterest feed into following specific people and boards to deliver the best mix of content of social media marketing and blogging tips combined with a touch of my personal interests like cupcakes and looking at adorable pictures of Golden Retrievers.

What really happened? Pinterest launched Smart Feed.

Once I figured out what had happened and why I was seeing certain pins and not some of the boards I followed, I went to work trying to learn how to outsmart Pinterest’s Smart Feed.

I read a ton of posts from the Pinterest experts and even personally reached out to a couple of them with my questions. I took detailed notes and tracked what worked and tweaked the best of the pinning recommendations to grow my Pinterest presence.

I kept working and changing and shifting my Pinterest strategy until the day came when I finally hit 10,000 Pinterest Followers. And with all that work to grow my followers came the website traffic.

More than 80% of my site traffic comes from Pinterest! I get more traffic from Pinterest every month than from Facebook, Twitter and organic Google search COMBINED.

It didn’t happen in a few days or even in just a few short months.

It happened because these steps I discovered worked. I used the Pinterest Traffic Builder process to create my Pinterest strategy and I follow these steps every week.

And these steps don’t take me hours every week. I don’t pin several times a day. I follow the Pinterest Traffic Builder process once a day and it only takes me 15 minutes a day to see results. { yeah, that’s right, I said 15 MINUTES a day! }

That’s why I created the Pinterest Traffic Builder Coaching Sessions. I want to help you create your 4 week plan for dramatically increasing your Pinterest traffic.

My Pinterest Stats Increase Every Month!

What My Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

“Super helpful, we’re definitely starting to see more activity overall, more followers and increased site traffic. Pinterest is our #1 social referral traffic network in the last 2 weeks so we’re heading in the right direction.”

Maggie Patterson


“I LOVE the Pinterest Traffic Builder! For years, I have loved Pinterest for personal use, but I wasn’t very effective at using it to promote my blog. This program was so easy to use, and because of what I learned, Pinterest is now my number 1 traffic referral. In less than a month, my followers have more than doubled! I couldn’t be happier, and Penney is awesome to work with!”

Jan Baillargeon


“I’m concentrating on growing my Pinterest following, and have read many blogs, articles and ebooks, but they never go deep enough – how to actually have a Pinterest strategy. Penney’s program showed me exactly what to do, and since following her advice I am happy to say that within a week, I’m getting about 3 times the number of visitors to my blog via Pinterest. The most useful program ever! Thank you Penney!”

Jane Travis


Pinterest Traffic Builder starts on April 18

I’m only accepting 10 people in this session to ensure that you’re able to get the personal one-on-one attention you need to customize your Pinterest strategy.

There are two payment options to choose from below:

Full Payment of $750

2 Payments of $385

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just started using Pinterest?

I love hearing that you’re using Pinterest to help you with your small business or blog! But the Pinterest Traffic Builder is not a basic Pinterest 101 program. This Pinterest coaching program is for people who have been using Pinterest for at least a year and are still struggling with how to use this visual site to grow their website traffic.

What’s the schedule for The Pinterest Traffic Builder?

Here’s the complete Pinterest Traffic Builder schedule:

April 18th  – Learn the Pinterest Traffic Builder program and Live Group Q&A call with Penney
April 25th  – Schedule your private session with Penney and Facebook community support
May 2nd    – Questions and Reviews and Live Group Q&A call with Penney
May 9th     – Implement Your Strategy and Live Group Q&A call with Penney

How can I make time to participate?

I get it. We’re all busy with our weekly to-do lists. The thing is, once you’ve taken the time to work through the Pinterest Traffic Builder process, you’ll find that you’ll start to see results using less time than it takes you to market your business on another other social network.

I personally use the Pinterest Traffic Builder process every day for 15 minutes a day and I consistently see an increase in Pinterest traffic to my website every month.

Is there somewhere I can go with questions?

In between our 60 Minute Interactive Online Sessions, you’ll be able to communicate me with in our shared Evernote folders (or if you’re more comfortable with email) as well as join our Pinterest conversation in the private Facebook group.

I don’t sell a product. What kind of businesses can use the Pinterest Traffic Builder?

All different types of businesses! As long as your target market is women (men are using Pinterest but we know that the majority of Pinterest users are women) and you can create your own content like blog posts and images to promote your products or services then the Pinterest Traffic Builder will work for your business.

The Pinterest Traffic Builder will not only teach you how to save time when you’re marketing on Pinterest, you’ll also learn how to generate more website traffic to connect with the right people who want to buy from you. And you’ll start to see how doing these simple steps 15 minutes a day can help get your investment back from working with me and The Pinterest Traffic Builder program!

What is your refund policy?

Because this program isn’t like other Pinterest courses you’ve taken, you need to do the work. If you truly feel the program isn’t right for you and you’re not seeing results, we are happy to refund your full investment 15 days after the start of the program. Refunds will not be granted before the 15 day period, without completion of the homework, or if you haven’t sought support during Group Calls, the Facebook community or the private 1:1 Coaching Session.