Create a Custom Pinterest Strategy to Connect with More Customers

Is the Pinterest Traffic Builder Mastermind Group for you?

Sometimes you need a bit more guidance to help you navigate through the Pinterest process. You want to work closer with Penney and get personal attention to walk through the steps of creating your Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel.

You need a bit more hand holding from Penney and support from a group of your peers to share your progress, ask questions and brainstorm ideas to learn what to promote to grow a more qualified list of people who are interested in your programs and products.

If you work best being in a part of a group with accountability than this program is for you.

Group Level Pinterest Traffic Builder Mastermind Group:

The one day Pinterest Traffic Builder Mastermind Group will take place on March 16, 2017 from the comfort of your home office.

We’ll work together through my entire Pinterest process, from creating better pin descriptions to developing content upgrades that will bring more qualified customers into your sales funnel.

The Pinterest Traffic Builder Mastermind Group will be limited to 10 participants on March 16 from 11am – 5pm Eastern/8am-2pm Pacific/3pm-9pm GMT.

Plus, we’ll end the whole day with a comprehensive Pinterest action plan to help you know exactly the next steps you need to take.

All Live Group Coaching Sessions will be recorded so if you’re not able to attend any of the sessions in person, you can post your question before the session start time and hear your answer in the replay.

Pinterest Traffic Builder Program breakdown

More than 80% of my site traffic comes from Pinterest! I get more traffic from Pinterest every month than from Facebook, Twitter and organic Google search COMBINED.

It didn’t happen in a few days or even in just a few short months.

It happened because these steps I discovered worked. I used the Pinterest Traffic Builder process to create my Pinterest strategy and I follow these steps every week.

And these steps don’t take me hours every week. I don’t pin several times a day. I follow the Pinterest Traffic Builder process once a day and it only takes me 15 minutes a day to see results. { yeah, that’s right, I said 15 MINUTES a day! }


That’s why I created the Pinterest Traffic Builder 3-Step Process. I want to help you develop your Pinterest strategy that creates real results.

Step One: Connect with more customers

In Step 1 of the Pinterest Traffic Builder process, we’ll break down Pinterest to understand how it works. Like I always say, “To make Pinterest work for your business, to actually make money using Pinterest, you have to understand how it works.”

We’ll figure out what's working with your Pinterest account and what needs tweaking. We’ll work through what you do and why it matters to connect with your customers in a way that produces results.


Step Two: The Pinterest Process

The second step in the Pinterest Traffic Builder program is where you begin to develop your pinning strategy and how it applies to your individual business or blog to ensure that your Pinterest content converts to customers.

Discover the steps to the Pinterest Process – a process that will take you just 15 minutes a day! – to bring more value to your content and help you reach more potential customers.

A step-by-step system to keep you on track with your pinning strategy and to monitor what’s working and what needs tweaking.

Step Three: The Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel

The third and final step to the Pinterest Traffic Builder is learning the Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel. This is where you'll learn how to use Pinterest to connect with people who are interested in your content and move them into your sales funnel.

You’ll discover what to create to engage with customers who are interested in your programs and products. You’ll develop a sales funnel that focuses on what will bring value for your customers. And you’ll get the three main things that every sales funnel must have to be successful.

I felt there was a kind of hidden treasure in Pinterest. Pinterest was for me a huge playing field. I had no idea where to start to make it work for my business. I experienced an intensive hour with full focus on exactly what I needed! Penney was prepared and I got more then I expected. The personalized action plan, the group sessions: excellent program!


Anneke Krackers

Group Level Bonuses



Private Group Coaching Session

This Pinterest Traffic Builder Mastermind Group program includes an easy step-by-step process to craft a custom Pinterest strategy to connect with more customers without getting complicated videos dripped to your inbox over 6 weeks.

An online interactive workshop where you get to ask your questions as you’re learning the steps instead of waiting for the weekly call and hoping that the instructor answers your question.


Private Community

Participate in the Private Facebook Community for group support and accountability before, during and AFTER the Pinterest Traffic Builder program has ended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just started using Pinterest?

The Pinterest Traffic Builder is perfect for someone who is new to Pinterest!  So many entrepreneurs start out using Pinterest using the steps you use when you’re pinning personally and when you’re ready to use Pinterest for your business, you get stuck.

By starting out with the Pinterest Traffic Builder 3-Step process, you’ll have a better chance of growing your email list faster than you would have trying to figure this out on your own.

What if I'm NOT new to Pinterest? I've been using Pinterest for a few years, I’m seeing lots of traffic to my site and growing my email list. Will this program help me?

Of course it will — and you’re in the right place to think about working 1:1 with Penney in the Group Level to take your loads of traffic and email growth to the next level. We’ll turn your current pinning process into a results driven Pinterest strategy that makes you money.

How can I make time to participate?

I get it. We’re all busy with our weekly to-do lists.The Pinterest Traffic Builder Mastermind Group takes place in one day, in just six hours. By the end of the day, you’ll have an effective Pinterest strategy for selling more of your products or services without feeling salesy.

The thing is, once you’ve taken the time to work through the Pinterest Traffic Builder process, you’ll find that you’ll start to see results using less time than it takes you to market your business on another other social network.

I personally use the Pinterest Traffic Builder process every day for 15 minutes a day and I consistently see an increase in Pinterest traffic to my website every month. A lot of people are thriving on Pinterest – it might as well be you.

I don’t sell a product. What kind of businesses can use the Pinterest Traffic Builder?

All different types of businesses! As long you can create your own content like blog posts and images to promote your products or services then the Pinterest Traffic Builder will work for your business.

The Pinterest Traffic Builder will not only teach you how to save time with whatever you’re marketing on Pinterest, you’ll also learn how to generate more website traffic to connect with the right people who want to buy from you.

And you’ll start to see how doing the 3- Step Process can help get your investment back from working with me and The Pinterest Traffic Builder program!

How long do I have access to this course?

Once you register for the Pinterest Traffic Builder, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and recorded sessions, which will continuously be updated with any new Pinterest strategies, videos and course materials.

Is there somewhere I can go with questions?

Before and after our online interactive learning session, you’ll be able to ask your questions and join in our Pinterest conversations in our private Facebook group.

What is your refund policy?

Because this program isn’t like other Pinterest courses you’ve taken, you need to do the work. If you truly feel the program isn’t right for you and you’re not seeing results, I’m happy to refund your full investment 15 days after the date of the one day program. Refunds will not be granted before the 15 day period, without completion of the homework or if you haven’t sought support during Mastermind Group Session or the Facebook community.