Turn your Pinterest Pins into Paying Customers with 3 Simple Steps

Get Pinterest Traffic, Get Targeted Leads, Get Real Results

Confused about how a Pinterest image is going to make sales for your business?

Are you struggling to reach more people in Pinterest? You’re pinning your blog posts and promotional pins and no one is reacting.

You’re starting to wonder – does anyone see my pins when they log into Pinterest?

You are probably frustrated with Pinterest and have likely faced these roadblocks:

  • You know how to use Pinterest personally but struggling to figure out how to use this visual site to make money for your business or blog.
  • You’re confused about how to reach the millions of people using Pinterest with just an image and some text.
  • And you’re just plain overwhelmed with the whole pinning process – you don’t know what to pin, where to pin it and how often you should be pinning.

You’re missing a piece of the Pinterest puzzle

When most of us first started using Pinterest, we pinned so much content that it felt like we were going to pin everything on the Internet.

It was the same steps we used on the other social networks – the more I pin, the more content I add to the program. And the more pins I share, the more it increases my chances of new people finding me.

That logic makes sense if Pinterest was like the other social platforms but Pinterest doesn’t work like that. It has its own way of marketing your content and if you don’t understand how it works, it’s easy to get lost.

And most likely, you're stuck in this place:


  • You think you have to pin 100+ pins every day to get people to click over to your website.
  • You’re confused about how adding an image to a social media site is going to make you money.
  • You can’t figure out how to reach more people.
  • You’re frustrated, overwhelmed and basically, you’re just pinning anything and hoping that this pin will be the one that goes viral.

Why Most Pinterest Programs Don’t Work

For Pinterest to work as your top marketing tool for your business or blog, you need to understand how Pinterest works to grow your business.

Unlike other Pinterest online courses, I’m not going to show you how to set up a business account and create content boards. I’ll teach a process that I call the Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel – the strategic steps to use Pinterest to create your sales funnel to grow your email list and connect with your customers in a way that produces results.

I’m going to show you how to create your own custom Pinterest Strategy using the Pinterest Process that I use every week – steps that only take me 15 minutes a day! – so you can stop asking yourself, “What should I be posting to get more people to my site?” or thinking, “Even if I knew what to post, I’m not sure where to post it and how to get my content to reach my customers.”

I designed The Pinterest Traffic Builder to personally help you work through the steps you need to get real results from Pinterest.

Customized Guided Program

I personally guide you through The Pinterest Traffic Builder process. I’ll show the steps you need to do to get your content found by more people and to get them to click over to your website.

Increase Leads to Grow Your Business

Learn how to create valuable content that brings more customers to your website. It takes more than just a funny profile to grow your connections and increase your email list. I’ll show you how to make your best content and sales promotions get more traffic to your site and into your sales funnel.

Connect With the Right Customers

Understand how to stop fighting Pinterest’s program that decides what shows up in our Pinterest feed and learn the secrets to connect to more qualified customers. Not just the people in your Group boards but the ones who are actively searching for the products and programs that you’ve already pinned to Pinterest!

“We’re definitely starting to see more activity overall, more followers and increased site traffic. Pinterest is our #1 social referral traffic network in the last 2 weeks so we’re heading in the right direction.”

Maggie Patterson

Why this program is different

The Pinterest Traffic Builder isn’t like any other Pinterest coaching program you’ll find.

I work with incredible entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers and business owners of all types { like you! } who are great at what they do and have amazing programs and products to offer clients … but feel frustrated by the number of paying clients they currently have.

The Pinterest Traffic Builder will help you see real results from Pinterest.

You’ll learn the missing pieces to use Pinterest to grow your business. You’ll craft a plan to create valuable touchpoints to grow your email list from interested to customers who are eager to buy.

Before doing the Pinterest Traffic Builder process, you may be feeling:

  • Unsure how to use Pinterest for your business and how to make money.
  • Not confident about your pinning strategy and what to pin and where to pin it.
  • You’ve got the perfect offer for your customers but no one can find it on Pinterest.
  • Unclear on how to make Pinterest work and even if it’s really possible.

The Pinterest Traffic Builder is more than just another ecourse with videos and a workbook.

I don’t teach a cookie cutter system that works for you ONLY if you’re a coach or a blogger.

I teach you what will work for your business and the work that you love so you can help the people who are actively looking for someone to support them.

Once you've completed the Pinterest Traffic Builder program, you will:

  • Become clear on how to reach more people and engage in a conversation with them that doesn’t feel like “selling.”
  • Focus on exactly what you need to do next in your Pinterest strategy to grow your email list.
  • Feel confident about using Pinterest to deliver value to your customers.
  • Become excited about using the Pinterest Process because it doesn’t add hours to your already crazy busy week.

Why Penney? Why the Pinterest Traffic Builder?

I’ve spent the last 15 years helping entrepreneurs with their marketing strategies. While others will tell you to sign up for a Pinterest scheduler and give you steps to get a gazillion followers, I’ll give you easy actionable steps to really grow your business using Pinterest.

Because it’s not just about pinning as much as you can to get more followers. It’s about understanding how Pinterest works to move people into your sales funnel and knowing the next steps to make sure that your content converts into customers.

Other than the fact that I’m a self-professed Pinterest addict, I’ve done some pretty cool things:

  • Since 2010, I’ve taught over 80 social media workshops at the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando.
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners - from beginners to the super advanced - to teach them how to use Pinterest to grow their business or blog.
  • I taught myself how Pinterest works and grew my Pinterest account organically to over 13,000 followers without the use of any paid schedulers.
  • I tripled my email list size using my Pinterest strategy and just recently, sold out my Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel group coaching program.
  • I reverse engineered the way Pinterest works and I discovered a process to manually grow several of my pins to over thousands of repins in just a couple of months – without a scheduler or spending any money on promoted pins.

And why all this stuff means I’m NOT the Queen of Pinterest

Sometimes when I’m introduced to people who are looking for help with Pinterest, they say, “You need to meet Penney, she’s the Queen of Pinterest.”

I will always appreciate an introduction to help someone understand how to use Pinterest but I’m not a big fan of being called a Queen – or Diva or Ninja or Guru for that matter.

I like to refer to myself as the Neo of Pinterest. And I mean Neo as in the character from The Matrix movies.

If you’re not familiar with this movie series, here’s the short version of what happens:

Neo is offered a choice to remain in his everyday life and forget about the Matrix or to learn what the Matrix really is. Through a slow and steady process, Neo discovers how the Matrix works and stands up to the machine bad guys.

He no longer sees the fantasy world as the Matrix has programmed for everyone to believe in. He sees the code, he sees what’s really going on and the movie ends as he plans to oppose the machines of the Matrix by freeing as many human minds as possible.

Not only do I totally LOVE the whole Matrix Trilogy { and can watch them over and over and never get tired of the movies! }, I get how Neo goes through this whole process to understand how the Matrix works.

I feel like Neo when I log into Pinterest.

I can stare at the home feed and I see the code. While other people see the pretty images of things they want to repin, I see the green dots and circles.

I see the pins that have engaging images that tell a story. I see the pin descriptions that get more repins and clicks. I see why your home feed looks like it does with Related Pins, Promoted Pins and the content that Pinterest shares with you.

I see how Pinterest works. I watch my feed and I can see how the pieces come together and how each pin fits into the next.

And like Neo, I developed a slow and steady process to help you make money using Pinterest  — freeing as many human minds as possible 🙂

“I’m concentrating on growing my Pinterest following, and have read many blogs, articles and ebooks, but they never go deep enough – how to actually have a Pinterest strategy. Penney’s program showed me exactly what to do, and since following her advice I am happy to say that within a week, I’m getting about 3 times the number of visitors to my blog via Pinterest. The most useful program ever!”

Jane Travis


The Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel program will take the ever-growing Pinterest community from unaware of your products and programs to ready to click on that 'Buy Now' button!

In our Pinterest learning sessions, you'll do more than just creating engaging images that get more repins. We'll be working together to fully develop your Pinterest marketing plans while sparking new ideas to help you think outside of your usual box. You'll discover a new marketing Pinterest Process to create your strategic content and Pinterest pins that resonates with who you are and images that tell your story to more potential customers.

During the time we spend together, you'll work through the steps to do:

Create More Strategic Content:

Actionable steps to create strategic content and a simple process to uncover the best keyword rich pin descriptions and hashtags to use to get more repins and clicks to your website. Our pins are usually the FIRST place where people can find our content so working on this step is one of the most important things that we can do to get found on Pinterest.

Grow Your Email List:

How to create better Pinterest pins for your email opt-ins and content upgrades. We'll review not just what your image should look like to get more clicks to your site but together, we'll move through the Pinterest Process to ensure that your pins are connecting with more qualified customers and engaged readers.

Move Your Community From Interest to Making a Purchase:

Finally, we'll work through developing your interest { sales } funnel with the content and email opt-ins that you’ve created using our Pinterest Process. Even if you've never pulled together an interest { sales } funnel, you'll learn the action steps to ensure that each email touchpoint resonates with your growing community rather than just sending them an email where you’re asking for a sale. 





The Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel program includes:

  • An easy step-by-step process to craft your custom Pinterest strategy that you can easily reproduce to connect with more customers  --- no more complicated videos being dripped to your inbox over 12 weeks!
  • Participate in weekly online interactive workshops where you get to ask your questions as you’re learning the steps --- no more posting in a crowded Facebook Group of 100+ members and hoping that the instructor answers your question!
  • And a private our own private Pinterest Interest community - not with hundreds of people in there but just us! - for feedback and support before and AFTER we finish each interactive learning sessions.



The 3 Things You Need to Know to Make Money on Pinterest:

Thing One: Connect with more customers

In the first step of the Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel process, we’ll break down Pinterest to understand how it works. Like I always say, “To make Pinterest work for your business, to actually make money using Pinterest, you have to understand how it works.”

We’ll figure out what's working with your Pinterest account and what needs tweaking. We’ll work through what you do and why it matters to connect with your customers in a way that produces results.




Thing Two: The Pinterest Process

The second step in the Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel program is where you begin to develop your pinning strategy and how it applies to your individual business or blog to ensure that your Pinterest content converts to customers.

Discover the steps to the Pinterest Process – a process that will take you just 15 minutes a day! – to bring help you reach more potential customers.

The Pinterest Process is a step-by-step system to keep you on track with your pinning strategy and to monitor what’s working and what needs tweaking.



Thing Three: The Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel

The third and final step to your Pinterest strategy is learning how to pull everything together into your customized Pinterest Interest Sales Funnel. This is where you'll learn how to use Pinterest to connect with people who are looking for your programs or products.

You’ll discover what to create to engage with customers who are interested in your programs and products. You’ll develop an interest { sales } funnel that focuses on what will bring value for your customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just started using Pinterest?

The Pinterest Traffic Builder is perfect for someone who is new to Pinterest!  So many entrepreneurs start out using Pinterest using the steps you use when you’re pinning personally and when you’re ready to use Pinterest for your business, you get stuck.

By starting out with the Pinterest Traffic Builder 3-Step process, you’ll have a better chance of growing your email list faster than you would have trying to figure this out on your own.

What if I'm NOT new to Pinterest? I've been using Pinterest for a few years, I’m seeing lots of traffic to my site and growing my email list. Will this program help me?

Of course it will — BUT I would suggest that you think about joining us for in the Pinterest Traffic Builder Group Level or work 1:1 with Penney in the Master Level to take your loads of traffic and email growth to the next level. We’ll turn your current pinning process into a results driven Pinterest strategy that makes you money.

How can I make time to participate?

I get it. We’re all busy with our weekly to-do lists. The thing is, once you’ve taken the time to work through the Pinterest Traffic Builder process, you’ll find that you’ll start to see results using less time than it takes you to market your business on another other social network.

I personally use the Pinterest Traffic Builder process every day for 15 minutes a day and I consistently see an increase in Pinterest traffic to my website every month. A lot of people are thriving on Pinterest – it might as well be you.

I don’t sell a product. What kind of businesses can use the Pinterest Traffic Builder?

All different types of businesses! As long as you can create your own content like blog posts and images to promote your products or services then the Pinterest Traffic Builder will work for your business.

The Pinterest Traffic Builder will not only teach you how to save time when you’re marketing on Pinterest, you’ll also learn how to generate more website traffic to connect with the right people who want to buy from you.

How long do I have access to this course?

Once you register for the Pinterest Traffic Builder, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and recorded sessions, which will continuously be updated with any new Pinterest strategies, videos and course materials.

Is there somewhere I can go with questions?

You’ll be able to ask your questions in our Group Online sessions and you’ll be able to join in our Pinterest conversations in our dedicated Pinterest Facebook group.